Tegen Moon

The Tegen Moon are the Gods and Goddesses of Tiolar. This Pantheon protects the world of Semesta against the World Eaters. The Tegen Moon are powerful incorporeal entities that exist beyond the membrane that separates the physical from the immaterial known as the Edge.

With the exception of Uur, the Tegen Moon are usually incapable of directly affecting worldly affairs, especially the affairs of humans. They can do so only during very specific and proscribed times and situations, such as during the Renewal. Their influence on worldly events usually occurs through rituals, magic, and via relationships with physical beings through whom they choose to work, such as the Great Rax’s connection to all common Rax.

The major Gods in the Tegen Moon pantheon include the following:

Chi, the Embracer. Goddess of Creation, Destruction and Renewal. Matriarch of the Tegen Moon, this Mother Goddess oversees the realms of Life and Death, and guides the Dead to the realm of Rebirth. It is from her that Edge Women and Edge Warriors draw their magic.

Egnath, the Builder. God of Construction, Creativity and Innovation. Architect of the physical realm, he is associated with earth and stone . His love for the Goddess Jensku is legendary. Together with her, he is the father of Torcal, Uur and Kasvu.

Iho, the Spiral. Goddess of Time and Consequence.

Jaglandor, the Gambler. God of Chaos, Change, Destiny and Calamity. He won the power of Destiny from Iho in a game of chance.

Jensku, the Flame. Goddess of Love, Life, and Magic, Associated with the Sun and fire, she is the fundamental Spark that separates the animate from the inanimate and underlies the forces that make up the physical world. She is the mother of Torcal, Uur, and Kasvu.

Kasvu, the Vine. Goddess of Growth, Progress, and Perseverance.

The Great Rax. God of Curiosity, Duty, and Knowledge.

Torcal, the Thunderer. God of Protection, Discernment, and Adaptation.

Uur, the Veil. God of Motion, Concealment, and Transformation.